So long as the center right avoids comprehending the anger out here and continues with it's constant ridiculing and shaming over the misdirected targeting of that anger they will struggle for relevancy more and more.
You want to support the party that supports the idea of people supporting a position, by all means do so and remain a spent political force of legitimacy that the corporate oriented Democratic Party represents.
The more it continues hectoring for loyalty oaths and purity promises while actively denying a left option the more they will alienate their traditional base. They can't win it with lanyard people and those that want to identify with lanyard people alone.
The left has real, direct tangible ideas that aren't couched with plausible deniability after the elections are over.
It was so much easier to bicker over gay marriage or women serving in the armed services with the hard right. So much harder to demand a 70% marginal tax on billionaires so that we might fund the public space and the possibility of organized human existence in the face of environmental collapse, etc.. It didn't costs the people who bought their congressional seats anything.
But hey, I digress.
America.... It's already great!

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