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The neoliberal wing of the Democratic Party Jeff.
Known as 'third way' democrats under Bill Clinton or 'new labour' under Blair. A realignment of the Democratic Party with a more accommodating position towards corporate interests while moving away from its historic labor base.
C'mon Jeff. Don't act coy about the last thirty years of political consensus.

You have to stop trying to put me in some kind of box, it won't work, and if I wanted to do that to you, I'd say that you're not much different than Glenn Greenwald, "a holier than thou "left libertarian" who hates actual liberals more than he hates fascists, by maintaining a disdain for party politics and the U.S. government in general, so that he can appear to be "neutral" by throwing everyone under the bus."

But I don't.

Ignore the slow steady progress being hammered into the Democratic Party by figures like AOC and others at your own expense.
It's no skin off my back, and when the next elections come around, be sure to vote against Democrats so that your vote can be siphoned off to help the fascist theocrats and crypto-nazis.

I doubt they will thank you for it, though.

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