I could care less what you want to believe of the Democratic Party or how thin your knowledge of its political orientation goes. I'm not trying to convince you one way or the other over its 40 year trajectory from Carter to Clinton.
If your fine with it great! Follow your bliss pal.
I'm not. It's been moving right for decades now.
Ocasio won in spite if the democratic political machine. I enjoyed that. She represents the direction the party should be going in. That direction is a much different direction than it has been going in for the above mentioned 40 years. That direction is going to be fought against by the DCCC, DSCC, Emily's list, etc..
Well documented undermining of Cortez style progressive candidates being fought by these groups in favor of rebadged republicans.
No why should that be Jeff? What is it about the rebadged republicans that the democratic parties campaign committees would prefer over a more progressive candidate?
Again, I don't really care if your unable to grasp what has been described as a 'corporate coup d'état' of the Democratic Party.
Just don't demand loyalty oaths from those that disagree with the parties corporate orientation and don't have a problem criticizing it for it.
Sides, aren't you upset with AOC? I thought you only liked properly badged democrats with the party seal of approval...