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I could care less what you want to believe of the Democratic Party or how thin your knowledge of its political orientation goes. I'm not trying to convince you one way or the other over its 40 year trajectory from Carter to Clinton.

You wouldn't have to. Just convince me that you're aware of the fact that a great emesis of traditional or moderate Republicans also has been happening in the last three major election cycles, spurred on by an effort that all started with a billion dollar gift that spawned a little astroturf outfit known as The Tea Party...

...And continuing on with the latest peristaltic ejections that have now culminated in the growing realization that President Donald Trump, and ONLY President Donald Trump, IS now THE party formerly known as The Republican Party.
Somewhere in all that steaming vomitus lies the emacerated corpses of former Republicans, who were traditionally thought of by a label known as "Center Right".

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If your fine with it great! Follow your bliss pal.

There you go again, trying almost in desperate fashion, to control my messaging. Do you NEED me to be fine with it? Would it help you to look like you're making some kind of point if I pretended to be fine with it?

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I'm not. It's been moving right for decades now.
Ocasio won in spite if the democratic political machine. I enjoyed that. She represents the direction the party should be going in. That direction is a much different direction than it has been going in for the above mentioned 40 years.

Yes, why yes it is, and the Democratic Party is slowly starting to realize that AOC has brought them a gift, a very rare gift. AOC terrifies the living daylights out of Trump and his Trumpista Party.
They don't whether to scratch their ass or wind their wristwatches because the twin dragons of AOC on one end of the spectrum and Nancy Pelosi on the other offer zero relief for them.
They can't get any kind of a deal from either library lion now guarding the House. They can't even hold their Nuremburg Rally
COUGH COUGH!!! errrr...State of the Union speech in there anymore.


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That direction is going to be fought against by the DCCC, DSCC, Emily's list, etc..
Well documented undermining of Cortez style progressive candidates being fought by these groups in favor of rebadged republicans.
No why should that be Jeff? What is it about the rebadged republicans that the democratic parties campaign committees would prefer over a more progressive candidate?

Oh well, anyway...Emily's List and the establishment struggled a bit, kind of like the spoiled housecat who rubs your leg and then meows in protest when you pick her up. They're coming to the realization that the new breed of progressive liberals will actually attract something they desperately need, new voters. Those voters already flexed their muscle a couple of months ago and they're going to do it again in 2020, and the establishment is beginning to realize that they can no more stop this transformation than even John McCain could stop the Tea Party, whose current living exponents pissed on his grave when he died.

So again, just for clarification, just getting back to those emacerated RINO's for a moment...they weren't Center Right?
What were they then? I mean, we KNOW that there are a bunch of crypto-fascists and theocrats who form the bulk of the Trumpista Party, so they're clearly not Center Right.
What would you call their dearly departed RINO's, if not Center Right

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Again, I don't really care if your unable to grasp what has been described as a 'corporate coup d'état' of the Democratic Party.
Just don't demand loyalty oaths from those that disagree with the parties corporate orientation and don't have a problem criticizing it for it.
Sides, aren't you upset with AOC? I thought you only liked properly badged democrats with the party seal of approval...

Properly badged? You say AOC ain't totin' credentials?
Hmmm, that's funny...


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez standing
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from New York's 14th district
Assumed office
January 3, 2019
Preceded by Joe Crowley
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - born October 13, 1989, also known by the initialis "AOC", is an American politician and activist.
A member of the Democratic Party, she has been the U.S. Representative for New York's 14th congressional district since January 3, 2019.

You sure about that?

Have a great morning, Chunk.
I hope that you get over your "logjam", or constipation, or whatever it is you call that thing that forces you to throw everyone under the bus because they aren't...what was it we were supposed to be doing for you again?? (...seems like a "loyalty oath"...to YOU!)
I'd like to think that at some point, you might eventually come to the realization that while your accusations about Democratic Party mission creep carry enormous validity, the formerly glacial retreat toward neoliberalism hasn't just begun to slow, it's apparently reversing itself.

It might be imperceptible to you, but perhaps that is because you're too busy lashing out at other liberals and furiously trying to do your Paul Winchell act on them.

Take your hand outta my ass.
That's not just a suggestion. You do YOU, I'll do me, thanks.
Crikey, and I thought we were buddies.
I guess you're the personification of the kind of people in my sig line.
Leon Russell sure got you pinned, didn't he?

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