Republicans- "hard" or "ultra Right"- Tea party, Orban, Bolsenaro, Lega party, Le Penn's National Front, etc...

Center Right- Neoliberal 'Third Way' democrats,Blair's New Labour, Schroeder's Christian Democratic Party, Macron's La Republican, etc

Left- DSA (Bernie Sanders, Ocasio Cortez), Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party, Podemas, Obrador, Etc...

It's not labels that separates them but their interests. I vote my interests and tune out phony made up party loyalty rules of politics. All the clucking about how it's incumbent on the left to support political positions they are opposed to. Voting for Neoliberalism basically.

If there's no left alternative I will be skipping it and letting the Ultraright or center right oriented parties battle it out among themselves.

I keep reading how there's a rule of being duty bound to vote for blue no matter who. If the party keeps sidelining leftists, leftists aren't duty bound to go pull the trigger for a center right Candidate. That's on the party to mobilize their base. That's politics.

Agree with it or don't. I don't care. Honest