such a cynic

The Constitution makes no reference to any economic systems.

It was written by and for wealthy landowners

While it is true James Madison was a landowner of some substance, there were many attorneys and judges, as well as businessmen. On the other hand did you want say one of my 13 ancestors to be a writer, contributor? My ancestors were all poor and mostly uneducated farmers. I would rather have an educated person write such an important document rather than my ancestors.

The question is, do you want one unified country or 13 separate countries in NA? If it doesn't matter, then sure, you could say it was written by wealthy folks for wealthy folks, but remember, these guys had to make a many compromises to get to the point the Founders would agree on a document to present to the various colonies. Looking into the rear view mirror of history one could say why didn't they do this or that which is widely accepted today. The heat in Philadelphia in the summer can be stifling. I wonder what the temperature was in that small room in Independence Hall, packed with representatives debating these very questions and modern criticisms. It amazes me that they could come to a compromise document, especially considering the modern divide between liberals and conservatives. It would be impossible to write such a document today.

If you appoint me Master of the Universe, the world you envision would probably come to fruition, otherwise, I will continue to uphold the faulty document we have for guidance in the immediate future.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty