Automation is the real sleeper. I suspect the homeless problem is part of that one. I was watching channel 5, out of Seattle, the other night. They showed two automated cameras moving around. I expect this means that the tv stations no longer need people to control not only cameras but booms, etc. Just another class of jobs going away. Then mix in HUD by Jackass. Raising rents on the poor because "they should also have a job" - I think that includes folks like a 95 year old woman with nothing but minimum Social Security. I live in a place called Port Angeles. I have been told that the local high school has a large population of homeless kids as well (not on drugs, just have no place to sleep, along with mother and father.

Its going to continue and its going to be a LOT worse before somebody figures it out. I read an article about Finland being able to move all of their homeless into places and off the streets. In America, of course, we can't afford something like that with all the wars, tax giveaways, etc.

There is also the simple fact that we, and our gov, simply don't have the capacity for planning ahead. Before anybody starts to seriously work on this one there will be blood on the streets <sigh>