Speaking of justice coming, I see that Bezos has published all of the correspondence from the National Enquirer in their attempt to blackmail him. They wanted the Washing Post to stop publishing damaging stories about them and in exchange they would not publish dick pics stolen off his girl friend's phone.

Now it takes a special kind of stupid to try to blackmail one of the richest men on Earth. And all they have is dick pics! Like everybody on the planet has never seen a dick or even owned one. I foresee another Gawker: But instead of a washed up wrestler, their opponent has all the money in the world. They even got their lawyers involved, so they lose their livelihood as well as spending time in prison. Pecker is going to lose it all. He will end up penniless and NE will no longer exist. Or maybe Bezos will keep it alive and use it to attack Trump on every supermarket checkout line! That would be funny.