I read a story on a study (how's that for convenience) that predicts the loss of 50 million jobs to automation by 2030, assuming current trends hold. Between that and population trends the idea of "employment" will be vastly changed well within our lifetimes. The divergence between employment and compensation will continue to grow. One of the absolute requirements will be a "reconceptualization" of taxation (along the lines of Warren's AND Ocasio-Cortez's plans) to ensure government funding of essential functions - which will expand. The Green New Deal, or something like it, is our future, if we expect to survive. Some kind of universal income is also likely, rather than the expectation of a "guaranteed job".

That's neither a utopian nor dystopian prediction. It's just the rational extrapolation of current trends. We can either plan for it and provide some modicum of control, or be carried along by its currents. So, we have a choice. Hopefully, Trump and the current Congress will be the "old guard" in government thinking. The biggest impediment is likely to be the courts.