The green new deal is setting out the Democratic house's plan to deal with the environment and other things. Its not a law but a their plan for the nation. I think its a great start. I have some disagreements, some agreement and some neutrality but, at least, it sets things up! This is better than the republicans have done, for instance. They don' tell nobody a damned thing, pass their legislation in the middle of the night and seem quite confident that the opposition won't say, or do, a damned thing (unfortunately they are, in this regard, pretty much right).

Anyway, I would point out that our system was never setup for one side to get everything they want. Many of the problems we have are based on this simple fact. THEIR PLAN (founders) was to believe that most elected have the interest of the nation at heart. This being the case, and it being understood that there would be two sides to just about everything, they figured that, in the end, with both sides stating where they stand that there should be some middle ground to move forward. Since neither side would get everything they wanted the results would be stuff that both sides could agree on. That's how its supposed to work!

Our current problem is that the Republicans embraced the Gingrich plan, ie. do not give an inch on anything - its all or nothing! When he expressed this it was a subject of some ridicule in that could never happen. At that point in time the thought was that everybody had voting rights, everybody had the nation at heart, everybody was talking to everybody else, congress had civilized rules in place that were observed by all, etc. Things, however, have changed. The sides don't even talk, the voting public seem to be stuck on both sides and, apparently, hate each other, "my way or the highway is the rule", etc. The Democrats now seem to be embracing their own version of the Gingrich plan.

All that being said I really do think the green new deal is a great effort at what one side wants. I would hope that the Republicans could at least read it and, instead of wailing death, destruction, and bankruptcy, try to examine the problems and solutions put forward and respond with some kind of civilized response instead of all the claim that it will destroy the nation. The problems listed, for instance, are very real and are backed by reality and science.

One last. I think, pretty soon, the two sides are going to morph and the sides will be congress vs administration. My hope is that will happen sooner rather than later and that the congress grows enough spine to win, start talking to each other, and actually start legislating rather than either being silent or kissing the ring of the dear leader. (had to add a little wishful thinking just for the heck of it)

Could go on and on about this but enough, I think...........