"The invisible hand is real..." -you've topped yourself PIA!

Implying that something invisible can't be real? Electricity is both invisible and real. Gravity is both invisible and real. Socialism is both invisible and real.

And I think letting everyone decide how to spend a corporation's or a nation's money with no thought to them being qualified to make those decisions, means instant bankruptcy or mass starvation respectively. You and I (to a lesser extent) might be qualified, but for every positive deviation from the mean IQ, there is an equal deviation in the other direction.

That might be the hole in my birthright ownership idea: Simply owning shares in trust probably should not include "corporate board-like" control of corporations. Each shareholder gets rights like petitioning a board to place a measure on the ballot but no corporation has to give up more than 10% of it's shares to birthright ownership unless the government funded their startup.