The 'invisible hand' theory has been misappropriated by conservative and Neoliberals for decades now. The former to get rid of regulatory rules on Capitol while the latter has embraced it in order to be more attractive to donations in their quest to win elections.
The end result has been Ma nature applying a very visible hand of reaction to the environmental external costs of that economic thinking of what appears to be a very suicidal death cult.
Like Christianity, a supernatural ingredient seems to be required and certain political/economic ideologies have made one for themsrlves in 'the invisible hand'.
Like a phrophet rising from the dead and ascending to heaven, it gives a stamp of proof in the heavenly origens of the phrophet or theory and thus needs to be obeyed and administered by the priest of knowledge.

Not that Adam Smith was going there but it sure seems like it's been packaged and sold that way to generations of voters for decades now.

As Gregor pointed out, the visible hand of nature is getting ready to slap us back to reality. The invisible hand is a mental construct that has no similarities to natural phenomonom such as electromagnetic waves or subatomic particles.

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