This is the reason we have Social Security, medicare, etc. We are forced to pay for them whether we like it or not. I have always had a problem with medicare as those payments are waaaaaaaaaaaay too small. Still, the republicans are making a serious run at both of them. As far as I can tell they have actually started to take out of the social security pot and are also taking 100 million a year out of medicare. (which is, incidentally, rarely reported)

Its really kinda interesting. I have conservative friends that will argue against Social Security because it takes away the individual's freedom to make the right decision themselves. The last figure I have heard, about the current crop of retirees, is that they may have as much as 13,000.00 set aside for their retirement. I also watched a show about a guy who was interviewed about this and he was asked how much he set aside (it was about 8,000.00) The he was asked about his lifestyle before retirement. He was making over 199,000.00 annually. He had a house, a vacation house, a sailboat and an airplane. He, basically, lived the good life. Now, however he is on social security. He was not happy on social security and wanted to know why he wasn't being paid more. He was, basically, clueless. Oh, he also consistently voted Republican and was proud of it.

I remember having a discussion about SS with a friend of mine. He said he saw no need for it as people, if given a chance would make the right decision. He was flat out wrong. I suggested he read the reports and stories when SS was being legislated that docu ented the people on the streets, etc. His observation was that they were demonstrating what happens when one doesn't make the right decisions and their problems are their own fault. He was, as far as I am concerned, dead flat wrong. I have seen what happens when there is no safety net, I saw it in Russia and also in India. Its not pretty and the republicans, as far as I can tell, want us to return to that time.