I thought we nudged you away from that simplistic definition of socialism a long time ago.

Type socialism into your Google search field, click enter, and you will come first to the very words Chunk quoted to you...the Wikipedia definition and explanation.

Scroll on down a ways, click around, look at some definitions, explanations and articles. You'll see that few of them state that old canard about "government owns the means of production". Socialism is when the people own and/or control the means of production.

In your mind, does capitalism have a single, one line definition or can it be a range of different things?

Do you think it's possible to have a mixed system? A system which uses equal parts of capitalism and socialism.(like police and fire deptartments)

Or is it "NOT REAL SOCIALISM" unless some corrupt powerful government owns all the factories and makes the population work like slaves in them? The "not real socialism" argument is a fallacy and it needs to die.

Socialism is a range of things...!

Socialism (disambiguation)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Socialism is a political philosophy and economic system based on the social ownership and control of the means of production; as well as the political and economic theories, ideologies and movements that aim to establish a socialist system.

Socialism may also refer to:

Democratic socialism, a political philosophy that advocates achieving socialist goals within a democratic system as opposed to what it perceives as undemocratic socialist ideologies such as Marxist–Leninist-inspired socialism

Scientific socialism, a method of analysis pioneered by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and used to analyze capitalism, where socialism is postulated to emerge from capitalist development; in the late 19th century it widely became known as Marxism

Social democracy, a political, social and economic ideology that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a liberal democratic polity and capitalist economy

Socialist mode of production
, a more specific concept of socialist organization articulated by Marxist theory of historical materialism

Socialist Party, or capital-s "Socialists", the policies and practices of titular Socialist political parties irrespective of whether or not they adhere to the implementation of a socialist system

Socialist Party (disambiguation), variations on the above

Socialist state, a country governed by a socialist party with the constitutional aim of constructing socialism

Real socialism, a phrase sometimes used to refer to the Soviet-type planned economies in the former Soviet Union and Eastern bloc countries

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