I was pretty clearly talking about the invisible hand in the original Adam Smith sense, not all that religious and political BS. Simply that individuals making their own economic decisions works, and central planning can't from a mathematical perspective. That's why I am a Democratic socialist instead of a "Real socialist" as per the definitions above. Government is the only force strong enough to counter the power of business. Corporations have a duty to make money: That's why people invest in them. It's up to government to regulate all business activity to keep the excesses of capitalism from wrecking havoc. (Because it would, if not regulated.)

Socialism versus capitalism: Either extreme is Hell-on-Earth. We (and almost all of the world) live in the middle. I think the useful debate is subtle. What goods and services should be tax-funded and universally available for free. What goods and services should be optional by our own choice to spend our money? What power should the majority of the public have to control government policies? What rights should minorities have to prevent abuse by majorities?

Arguing endlessly about your favorite "ism" is boring and ineffective. What is it you want?