I would like to see more 'democratize the enterprise' backed by government regulation.

Yeah, me too.
We aint gonna achieve socialism through revolution. Unless it's at the ballot box. That's where social democrats like AOC come into play.

It bears mentioning that their party is the Democratic Socialists of America.

Once voters/workers/proles have elected enough social democrats to legislate the living wage/health insurance/free education agenda along with environmental regulation and the beginnings of the Green New Deal(which must become a reality if we are to survive as a species) Then we can move forward into becoming a Social Democracy.

This is where Marx and Engels postulated that capitalism would evolve into socialism. Did you know that Marx and Engels were 29 and 28 years old when they wrote the Communist Manifesto? The same age as AOC.

The same age that most brilliant thinkers and geniuses typically do their most notable work.

I've mentioned before that Marx predicted all of this in his later writings. He predicted automation replacing workers until workers became superfluous. He predicted that capitalism would swing from crisis to crisis and eventually reach an end stage where all of the wealth was tipped into the hands of the bourgeoisie.

This is the scientific socialism or Marxism that I embrace.

It could be that the global warming crisis will be the very catalyst that is needed to push the world into what we might now consider a socialist Utopia.

Or we might become extinct. We're the only animal that has ever actually had a choice in this matter.

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