I lost faith in the American electorate a very long time ago. The election of Jackass just sealed the deal for me. Since that happened 30+ percent of the electorate just keep on proving that they actually lack the will, or capacity, to actually act in their own best interest. Instead they are leaving it all up to Jackass. I wonder if this is how monarchies, dictatorships, etc. got started.

Its also been suggested (I think even books written) that when things are good people have a chance to think about things other than survival and problems develop. Its said, for instance, that when the Russia revolution of 1918 took place Russia had the biggest, and richest, economy in the world. As a result things were changing, for the better. The result was that they had a revolution.

Anyway, I support any initiative that force people to invest in their own best interest and Police, Firemen, Social Security and Medicare are certainly examples of that. As far as I am concerned Healthcare should also be in that column. On reflection I tend to like taxes that are earmarked for specific tasks as it works (regardless of what the naysayer liars have to say).

In my town we had a community swimming pool. It was getting elderly and the city was letting it sink into the earth with little or no help. Some of the local enthusiasts got together and convinced the community to split the swimming pool off from the rest of the city by giving the pool its own taxing district. When they took over they started to improve. You can no longer, for instance, smell any chlorine. They replaced all lighting too. That was the beginning and they actually cut their operating costs by almost 50%! Now they have plans to expand and they have the money to do that with too. I think this was probably a very good example of 'social responsibility' in action. We have a pile of righteous Republicans in town and, as far as I can tell, they all supported this whole thing. My suspicion is that nobody actually told the this was a kindofa socialist endeavor.