Sometimes you just have to look at something besides imagined simple facts.

Simple facts are often just ways to avoid looking at complex truths.

I think what is being said is that "socialism" is a mystical thing that sometimes refers to governments, sometimes individuals, sometimes groups, and, in all cases, can be just about anything you want as long as, in the end, it involves more than one person. It also means that virtually all governmental activities may, or may not be, socialistic depending on something so long as its supported by taxes.

There is nothing mystical about the definitions above. Nor any big words or complex truths. Just simple facts that explain things in a simple way.

Socialism is an economic policy just like capitalism(which you seem to have no problem understanding despite its vast complications and the obvious damage it is doing to the world and it's inhabitants...
You have no fear of capitalism but cringe at the thought of any other less harmful way of doing business.

Socialism is a political ideology which seeks stem runaway inequality caused by capitalism.

You go on and on about Democrats standing up and tooting their horns...but you want them to play the same tune as the Republicans.

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