I lost faith in the American electorate a very long time ago.

It was George W Bush's re-election that did it for me. Thugs get supported by thugs and everyone else is bullied into going along to the obvious detriment of all.
Perhaps one of the strangest ironies in this Trump administration is that the single cause his wife, our First Lady, Slovenian immigrant Melania Knavs Trump embraced was bullying.

Its said, for instance, that when the Russia revolution of 1918 took place Russia had the biggest, and richest, economy in the world. As a result things were changing, for the better. The result was that they had a revolution.

Have you given any thought to the possibility that for a LOT of people life had become so unbearable that they felt compelled to die in a revolution rather than live under tyranny?

And what sort of tyranny do you imagine it might have been in the richest most powerful nation in the world?

It was economic tyranny, my friend, the rich and powerful became too rich and powerful and took so much wealth that there was nothing left for everyone else.

There were a few rich people and a lot of hungry peasants.

This is a scene that has played out over and over and over.

Anyway, I support any initiative that force people to invest in their own best interest and Police, Firemen, Social Security and Medicare are certainly examples of that. As far as I am concerned Healthcare should also be in that column. On reflection I tend to like taxes that are earmarked for specific tasks as it works

I couldn't agree more. Those are socialist endeavors rather than capitalist. The two work very well side by side. Just like your communist pool, everybody chips in and things get done. Everybody is happy in the end. That's the goal of socialism, for everybody to be healthy, happy, well educated and well paid. Doctors will still drive BMWs and street sweepers will drive beaters. But they'll both have roofs over their heads and plenty of food in the fridge, and when they get sick they can go to the doctor.

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