Low labor costs incentivizing off shoring and executive boardroom decision making.
Artificial demand creation, manafactured scarcity, regulatory capture, political lobbying, tax avoidence, etc, etc...
Those are not 'restoritave forces' of your mythical hand but one of many strategies that national/transnational corporations are using to tilt the board in the favor of a small minority.
A recent study was conducted that showed how undemocratic western Democracies have become when they compared legislation that was passed to public opinion. It found that the vast majority of actions being taken were not what the public supported but instead was what a small group of interests wanted.
It would say that that sentiment applies to the economy as well. For some the economy is already great. For a large and growing majority, not so much.
Now how can that be with the 'invisible hand'?
Invisible hand is a story conservatives to tell their children at bedtime.

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