It used to be that them with the bucks at least made an effort to prove they were responsible and recognized that their wealth brought responsibilities with it. During the great depression they actually had a book written about such a person to prove their point. All that stuff no longer exists. Now, the rich just get richer, more self indulgent, rarely responsible, and, basically deserve what will eventually rain down on them.

There are, however, some which do believe they have a responsibility. Bill Gates, for instance, does a LOT of good works and there are others as well. Unfortunately they seem to be in the minority. It always gives me some humor when one speaks up about their tax situations and point out that they pay fewer taxes than the hired help. I have full faith, however, that the worm seems to be turning they are are going to get a lot of opportunities to whine about how badly they are being treated. The strange thing will be the people who will buy into that one.