It is hard, sometimes, to realize how different today's world, and economy, is from what it was when I (and most of us here) were children. We're the frogs that have been boiled. It was just as difficult, I think, for our parents to realize how profoundly different the world (and economy) became after their childhoods. My parents were products of the Great Depression and the Second World War. It struck me last night that I was alive when the Wall went up between East and West Germany. My childhood was the Cold War - and I'm, essentially, a late "Boomer". My children are both post-Soviet collapse products, so never experienced the USSR. The next generation is post 9/11. And now it is post-economic collapse of 2007-8. Those events have profoundly affected the understandings of those generations, and shape their thinking. (Although I hate to bring him up, this explains Trump's thinking - he hasn't adapted to the post-Wall world, and still thinks like a 1950s child, albeit a privileged one.)

The Green New Deal is an expression of the thinking of the current generation. Yes, there are some politicians, economists, pundits and thinkers who understand the transition, but the leaders are really much younger, and truly think differently. Personally, I think we should follow their lead, as it is now their world. Conservatism, really, is in the Boomer headspace, and needs to adapt or die (really, just die). Reagan was already an anachronism when he became President, and George Bush was the last of the WWII generation of Presidents. His son should have been the last of the Vietnam era Presidents. I really like Joe, and Elizabeth, and Bernie, but their time has passed. Don't trust anyone over 55!