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All What we're really dickering over is what is "fair".

That's what you may be arguing about but not me.

Capitalism is unique in that it's spread now thruout the entire worlds surface since it's beginnings in the turn of the 19th century. Whenever there is an eventual economic downturn, capitalism gets expanded thru money supply. The last severe economic downturn was worldwide and capitalism was saved by the Chinese government undertaking a massive infrastructure program that dwarfed our economic build out of the post WW2 decades. In fact, the scale was so mind boggling that the idea of China pouring as much concrete from 2009-20012 as the United States did from 1945- present is beyond most peoples comprehension.
The rate of resource consumption globally has increased during that time. It has to. Capitalism is predicated on growth. It is not sustainable and we are now witness to the killing of the planet in order to maintain that growth and expansion of the global economy.
During the great recession the global GDP was estimated around 55 trillion dollars. Today it's estimated at 85 trillion dollars. It's become harder and harder to continue to hit those compounding 2.5-3% growth for excess capital to expand into. IMO we have a front row seat to the contradiction of capitalism being realized. We may finally have to think of other ways to organize beyond the boomer's instinctive 'individual liberty thru mass consumption' ideology.