I am almost in agreement on the age thing and have stated that elsewhere. We currently have a president that is 72 years old. I am becoming more and more convinced that he is not always telling lies but simply telling us what he actually believes. He actually believes, for instance, they he is, and has been, building his wall! He has even been photographed standing next to one (but Obama built it which, I am sure, he thinks a canard).

In other words we have a president that is losing any grasp on reality in favor of a reality he THINKS is real! If the congress had half a brain then both sides would legislate a law that would force the president to be examined by a group of shrinks to make sure he actually is living in reality or his reality.

This is, incidentally, the only possible explanation of why he keeps on insisting he is building walls! On top of that it would also explain a number of his other claims that are just flat out wrong. We are also told that them that work with him don't dare point out any of the constant references to things that are simply not true. I could list the but, I think, you all have heard, or witnessed this.

I believe that Donald Trump is clinically insane! There is no other possible explanation for much of what comes out of his mouth! https://www.oregonlive.com/trending/2017/09/is_donald_trump_actually_crazy.html