The solution, to both, is government regulation. To make that work you need a government that has the interest of the nation, and its citizens, as its main and overriding goal. Take the socialist (so called) nations of northern Europe. In spite of the socialist thing they rate very high in the number of millionaires per capita. They are also rated high for happiness. Gosh, that must mean them damned socialists may be capitalists too?
There is some evidence that their success may also have to do with their system of education.

On the other hand they also have politicians running on hate and fear. They surfaced when the waves of refugees started their current swarming. I believe that, not unlike climate change, that will continue for some time or until somebody figures out a solution.

I remember when the United Nations was formed. At that time there was a lot of discussion on rogue nations and how the United Nations could do something about them. That didn't work out but probably should have. The refugee thing really needs to be addressed and something done. How about when a country has more than 20% fleeing for their lives then the non rogue nations put a stop to it thereby acting in their own best interest. It doesn't make sense that countries get invaded simply because a given nation decided to start slaughtering its own. I also remember when France put a stop to the ongoing Rwandan genocide. When they did that, if my memory serves me, France was appreciated by one and all for their action.

Just a thought.............