My point is that the countries of northern Europe are considered socialist by the right. So, we have a group of perceived socialists that have somehow been able to join nations with the highest number of millionaires per capita. Not only that but the vast majority, of those countries, have also managed to have an average income higher than that of the United States which, I suspect, also means that they have managed to also do better than we with the discrepancy between the top and the bottom.

So, my points were;
them claiming certain countries are socialist, and because they call the countries of northern Europe are socialist one would think these countries would be bastions of misery and starvation yet they rate some of the highest number of millionaires per capita and their average incomes are greater than our own. This, of course, means that 1)they have no idea what they are talking about, 2)providing stuff like healthcare is possible and will not bankrupt anybody (gov or persons) if done properly.

I also think that this captalist/socialist thing is bullsh*t and actually not pertinent to today, except in the minds of idiots. I am, of course, probably wrong and "socialist" never stands alone and can be, basically, anything to anybody.

In other words this topic actually makes little sense simply because there seems to be little consensus of what the terms themselves mean even though both sides think they know what everybody else is talking about. I, for instance, will stick to my version of "socialist" which means, to me, that gov owns everything and doles it out to their friends. As far as gov being "the workers" that one has been proven, time after time, to be complete baloney.

I was going to go on but, I think, I had better shut up. If I have given offense - apologies............... <G>