Justice may be stymied after all: Justice Department preparing for Mueller report as early as next week (CNN). Bill Barr gets confirmed, and immediately the rugs get lifted and the brooms come out. The shovels are next. Here's my prediction:

Barr has, essentially "terminated" the Mueller probe, denying the pursuit of "obstruction" on the basis of his previous memo (Presidents can't obstruct, they're all powerful). The "report" Barr presents to Congress will detail only what has already been charged, and ignore additional information as "uncharged conduct" that DOJ doesn't "comment" on. Congress will demand the original report which Barr will resist. Whitaker has been kept on at Justice so they can gag him and claim privilege. The stall will be maintained until Trump is out of office, and the records will mysteriously vanish when the Democratic administration takes over. On his way out, Trump will pardon all his "loyal" cronies and family members.