A coupla points with your musings JGW.

I don't think you can make a case for what YOUR interpretation is of socialism. At least not because it was how you were taught when being raised. I woouldn't trust that insight anymore than how you were taught what capitalism means when you were raised.

Why not give it serious study as an adult? If nothing else, it helps to discuss the subject with a better understanding of it? At least it would help you understand where millions of people are coming from....

I think it's unfair to say that there is any double talk of language going on with socialism let alone on a Trumpian scale. Again, you've stated previous the depth of your understanding of socialism.

The democratic party has had socialist traditions. Not much in the last 3-4 decades since 'Third Way' democrats marketed themselves as republican light. Lashing together a constituency of Eisenhower Republicans with moderate professional class white suburban democrats. You couldn't apply your adolescent age Democratic party to the current one anymore than you could of the Republican party past vs. present.

I mainly agree with your observations on Healthcorp. Should be socialized. Better, cheaper allows people to breath a sigh of relief on that score. We get tax breaks and drones instead. By both right wing parties.

I still agree with Wolff that 'socialism is capitalism's shadow'

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