*t in one hand and invest a billion in nuclear energy in the other and see which one fills up fastest..

Spend a billion building a massive solar power/wind farm on an abandoned soybean field near a city and watch how fast that billion comes back to you. That's how the Green New Deal works. It creates thousands of clean jobs and provides free clean energy. And it's shovel ready.

A billion in nuclear eh? Does it all go to one university where one day they will build the Bill Gates Center For Cultural Diversity? Or does it go to a thousand different places and go down a thousand different drains. And get a thousand buildings named for Mr. Gates.

I once was young and idealistic like you and believed all the things I read in Popular Science and Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine. Now I see that it's a race for survival in the near term.

We may see viable nuclear reactors which provide unlimited free energy from a unit the size of a shoebox within the next few centuries, Bill Gates donation to the cause will be long forgotten by then.

But first...we have to survive. That's where the Green New Deal is focused. On survival, on lifting up those trampled by economic inequality and on cleaning up the mess that Bill Gates and his fellow billionaires made while creating an existential threat to humanity.

Nuclear energy is not and will likely never be "green".

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