I guess I just don't understand the socialist thing. I agree, the Republicans use "socialism" as a whipping boy and punish Democrats for being socialists. Its actually kinda interesting. They do that because IT WORKS! Those of you who support using the word 'socialist' are, obviously, among those determined to stick with a losing path. The word 'socialist' is flat out demonized. You cannot change that and, again obviously don't get it. There seems to be a strong contingent who are determined to lose. Hillary lost for two reasons. The first is that the Democrats were beat when they decided to ignore the electoral college to work in blue states (basically, the Dems got outsmarted). The second is because Hillary had been well demonized. Hell, large numbers of the population actually believe she was a murderer, child abuser and child trafficker. People believed this so much that they encouraged the Republican Congress to spend 100 million dollars trying to prove their point!

I do, however, give up. This business with socialism just isn't worth it. I guess there are true believers on both sides and I would prefer not to get involved.