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Once again, chunk, you keep missing because you're shooting at the wrong target. Lack of resources is not a "capitalist" thing. Communists and capitalists alike work with limited resources. Since the age of Carthage vs. Rome, power seeks expansion. Monarchy, theocracy, dictatorship, Republic or Soviet - it applies to all. Growth and expansion are sides of the same coin - Just ask Lenin.

The resource that will (has) run out before oil is water. And with it, food. Human existence requires sustenance. We don't currently have the resources to sustain the current population. The crash has started. The best we can do right now is divvy up what we have, but that is not sustainable. What comes next will be devastating.

I never meant to infer that lack of resources or expansion of power was a Capitalist thing only. I WOULD say that nothing accelerates resource depletion like capitalism. It is the requirement necessary for capitalism to exist. At least consumer capitalism. I would also say that capitalism has been the singular force that has spread thruout the world, unlike your other examples.
To me anyhow, it's the structure of capitalism that is driving the resource depletion and inequality more than any other factor.
If there's a broad majority thru out the world that wants to have a livable planet and end fossil fuel consumption, restore biodiversity and reduce our impacts on nature but the power collected by a very small minority of capitalists want to preserve the status quo, as we have seen by their holding action thru the political and economic power they wield, then that power structure must go if there is any chance for a future that's not one of life boat politics.
Democratize the enterprise, as Wolff has promoted seems like a good start to counter the accumulated power of capital over the many for the very few.

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