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The left didn't vote for your 'Jack Ass'.
Statistically, my friend, you're "wrong." About ten percent of Trump's vote came from self-identified "liberals". (link.) Now, I confess, we don't know how you would place them on the political continuum, but we do know where they placed themselves. Does that constitute the majority? Certainly not, but then the claim also lacked a bit of clarity. At least some on "the left" voted for Trump, in any event. He only "won" by under 100,000 well-placed votes, and I don't think anyone would claim it was by dint of a well-conceived and -executed campaign.

"Stop scapegoating her awful run." Not sure where that came from, but it cannot be denied, again statistically, that she out-polled Trump by several percentage points. "Awful" is a loaded, value-laden term that, again, lacks the specificity necessary to mount a rational, reasoned response.

"15-20% of Hillary voters defected to Romney rather than vote for a Black candidate." Again, without citations, is hard to know where this comes from, nor what the point is.

"You need to stop identifying with 'the left'. Your [sic] not and don't know what it is from reading your posts over the years." Not sure you know where the "left" is either, my friend. Certainly, jgw is not as far left as thou, but then, who on this forum is? What this discussion illuminates, however, is that there is (notwithstanding your humble opinion) a variety of viewpoints that constitute "The left", philosophically-speaking, in the United States. Most political scientists I know, and I know quite a few, find that the majority of Americans hold views that are typically more "liberal" than "conservative", but measuring those values is difficult because of the myriad variations in "issues" that are considered along those spectrums. Now, I confess, I'm not particularly familiar with your idiosyncratic definitional matrix - what does, in your view, constitute "The left"? Please be specific, it's for posterity. [video:youtube]https://youtu.be/ZlzoLPPifzo[/video]

"That was a hilarious summation of 'Capitalism vs. Socialism' in your provided link. Are you really paying for those classes?" Are you really arguing against education, now?