Well now NWP,
In case you skipped it, I pretty much spelled out my opinion of what LEFT is in a thread started called 'what left'. I pretty much stated my opinion there and made an argument that there was little traditional left in America any more but the Democratic Party continues to masquerade as one.
Here's a lousy peice straight from queen Hillary's court explaining how democrats need to focus on the Romney Clinton voters:

Focus on the socially liberal fiscally conservative

Not that I agree with this guy or his reflexive rightward strategy to find votes as so much of the New Democrats have persued. The suburban white collar lanyard crowd basically.

If you think the left spectrum of politics went and threw a vote for a Trump your deluding yourself. There is always some shift of alliegance that happens after every primary. Some don't like the eventual winner and shift. Not a big deal except the Hillary wine moms and her devoted following have been screeching about 'it's all Sanders fault!' Since their brains were damaged from Election Day.
Mobilizing your base turnout is politics. She came up short. For a party transformed to one of meritocracy based on resume building it failed miserably and it's corporate centrists having been punching left to hide this failure. It's been equally obtuse in trying to understand why trump won, preferring a legal solution to a political problem.

I'm not against edjucation and think that should be a public good period. It bothers me that so many of the so called left party want to strip it for parts and privatize it.
I thought JGW's online course was pretty ham fisted explaining either capitalism or socialism. From what I saw I think you have as much chance of learning what either topics are presently than I can become an artist by sending in a drawing to a correspondance school. I could be wrong as I hit the paywall and didn't get beyond it.
No, I don't see JGW as 'the left'. Not in as much as I've come to recognize it. Nor do I see the Democratic Party 'the left' with the exception of some insurgent progressives newly elected. There could have been more but were primaried by the Party campaign arm. Too bad. Based on what I've seen so far, they have shown energy, intelligence and purpose. It's my opinion that the party could use more like em. The party prefers not.

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