I'd only add, as I have previously stated, that it's capitalism itself that must be democratized. If you leave the very structure intact it will accumulate political power and bend politics to it's favor. A collective of socialist boardrooms that don't mind sharing of the wealth among themselves and fellow shareholders. Not so much anywhere else.
I can take a push NWP. It's called a rant after all. I wasn't trying to be idiosyncratic (whew! made it thru spell check..) and have stated my belief. It's in the thread and I'm lazy to retype it all. It's easier to read than re-typing.

What Gregor says about the government owning the means of production is correct, to my knowledge, and it isn't hard to watch a video, but I'd rather get it from those academics who have devoted a lifetime to understand it and teach it. Do you think Marxism is about the government owning the means of production?...

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