Boy, you completely missed the point, but here's a list: 10 biggest massacres in history. Four of the top ten, and both of the top two. (Maybe your family has a point?)

But you ignored the larger point: were any of these butchers really "socialist"? (Short answer: no.) What I was saying is they used socialist propaganda and communist trappings, but were really neither. If you're suggesting otherwise, I haven't seen it. Those "communists" sure were efficient killers, though, huh?

And you're lumping an awful lot of activity into the "capitalist" bucket without much merit. Maybe it's because your definition of "capitalists" is too broad? Nazism wasn't "capitalist", nor was the Spanish inquisition, Japanese imperialism, the Norman conquest or Roman rule. At least not according to academia, or modern understanding.

A suggestion: try focusing on the argument actually made, rather than a preconceived notion of what you'd like it to be.