"Every so-called "communist" nation in the world has exceeded the depredations of every capitalist nation on that score, they merely substituted one group of oppressors with themselves. I'm happy to consider any counter examples anyone might suggest. I'll wait."

You asked for examples and I answered. Don't ask questions if there's a chance you might get an answer that isn't fitting your expectation of a correct one.
I think the 'who's killed more' argument is a fools errand anyway.
I find a list that omits the starvation a of chinese and Indians suspect.
I notice we're not on the list for North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and our more recent 'humanitarian, democracy spreading, foriegn military adventures that neocons and NeoLibs authored for the management of hedgemony.

Facism seems to be a nationalist populism that serves it's capitalism quit nicely. Both are hierarchical top down orginizational. They seem to complement more than compete. Frankly, I think the corporate state is fascism.

You want to frame the current or former manifestations of Socialism as imperfect and nothing but despotism NWP. You could say the same for our representative democracy. It's been largely representing money and not people. So I really don't understand what your point is. Systems of government are always evolving as is capitalism and socialism.

Yes, socialism can work well with capitalism. Witness China having supplanted the US as an economic hedgemon since the Great Recession.

It's been working well in Spain, Italy and now Greece has some fledgling Co-operatives. They have been ruthlessly suppressed in South, Central and North America.
Instead of a board of directors deciding who gets what, it gets decided by all employees.
'Democratize the Enterprise' as wolf has been calling for.

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