I once had a professor of Philosophy tell me that he had once been a Communist. He got skewered by McCarthy, lost his job, got it back, etc. Anyway, he told me that he changed when he realized that anybody could actually actually participate and share in the economy, ie. they could buy stocks.

He was right. What he didn't say was the power capitalists had over the system. This was over 60 years ago. Now they have bought their way to inequity. This is not the fault of capitalism, its the failure of the state to do its damned job. That was a time, for instance, when congress actually worked more than three hours a day for a third of the year. Kinda different now.

As far as I can tell we now have a government run by a congress dedicated to self indulgence, lies, and greed. The current liberal swing of the Democrats, I believe, is the result of that. They are not going to get everything that they want but, hopefully, they can start a swing to a congress that actually is willing to at least make a try at doing some of the things that really need to be done?