One way to cleanup politics would be to make political claims, ads, etc. part of the laws that control defamation. Right now, apparently, anybody in the public eye, including politicians, can be lied about with impunity which, as far as I am concerned, is just crazy. This allows anybody who lies well to lie their way into a job. Its especially true when the politician being lied about refuses to call out the liar (Hillary is a great example of that one).

I once had an employee who ran the post office at McNeil Island (husband was in charge). She told me that if I wanted to hire a salesman the best choice was somebody who had done more than 10 years in prison. I seems that the social workers , over time, train the inmates to lie. The better they lie the more perks they can bamboozle out of staff I think. She told me there was this young kid who actually convinced her that he was pregnant and she REALLY knew that couldn't be true.

Anyway, clean up our lies against defamation might be a really good place to start a cleanup?