People are running up credit card debt and not saving for retirement because it's the only way to cover existing expenses.

But that does NOT cover existing expenses, unless they plan on living in a cardboard box upon retirement. Running up credit card debt does not increase your income or lower your expenses. It increases your debt, so it makes the situation worse. Blaming this on neoliberalism is fanciful thinking. People need to adjust their income/expense expectations to be realistic. Sure, try to change the system, ask for that raise, etc. but socialism is not going to give us all new cars every year and $6 Starbucks lattes every day.

Socialism would make life a lot better for the homeless, the mentally ill wandering around in the streets hungry and cold, the disabled living on SSI, minimum wage workers, students racking up massive debts, etc. But it wouldn't dramatically change the lives of the middle class. I believe it's a good thing, an ethical thing, but I am not looking forward to any "socialism goodies" for me personally.