I'm probably too late to benefit from any socialist goodies beyond existing Social Security, Medicare and VA... but my sons aren't!

I learned an early and painful lesson about living within my means and saving for the future when I was a young Lieutenant. When my wife left work after our first son was born, we continued to live as if we had two incomes, making up the difference with credit cards. In a year we had accumulated an enormous debt - the problem with having "good credit". I put together a 5-year plan to pay it off (completed in 3 1/2), with saving and scrimping. The habits I learned in that period governed the rest of my working life and allowed me to retire early, and comfortably. But.. that comfort is anchored by the expectation that SS and Medicare will be available when I am eligible.

That doesn't at all mitigate my enthusiasm for a comprehensive overhaul and expansion of our social security systems. I'm a believer in the Green New Deal.