"Today, there’s literally nobody on the right between those frantically accommodating Donald Trump, on the one hand, and us on the other. Except for our brave friends in exile from the Cato Institute now trying to build something in the ruins at the [centrist] Niskanen Center. There’s simply no political place for neoliberals to lead with good policies that make a concession to right-wing concerns."

Full VOX interview
Sheesh, I don't know what surprised me more. The political ideology that never speaks its name, neoliberalism, being discussed so openly or the fact that the article was found at VOX .
Either way, it is a suprising admission from the inside of how empty and full of sh!t the Neoliberals were/are. It came as a shock to see one break from a market fetish they have been so committed to and, based on 2018 primary campaign experience, still are.
For one on the inside to call it out for being both politically and economically bankrupt ideology is refreshing. I wouldn't trust em, though. No matter how much of a 'come to Jesus' moment they are having. They've damaged the party and country enough with there self serving politics.

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