If we keep on adding to the tax code we are going to be in trouble. Its already an incredible mess. Too many people, businesses, good works, problems, etc. Taxes are to pay the bills, nothing more and nothing less. The trick is to have a code wherein EVERYBODY pays in. I mean that literally. If somebody is poor then they should still pay something in. The way we are doing now there are a large number of folks who pay in absolutely nothing. I am told that includes some that are very rich and very clever.

We need a code that is bullet proof, very difficult to change, add, delete, etc. For all the deals, social engineering, etc. there should be some kind of set-aside which is public and has an ending date on it. Why, for instance, should any income be off the table, or considerably less, than what others pay on their income?

The arguments of the rich are very simple. They pay more so they should get a break. Get rid of those breaks and they will be paying a LOT more. I am also for taxing traded stocks, so .05 cents or even .025 cents per share. For most that will be very little. However, them with the huge computers are trading, literally and automatically, millions of shares a day. They are 'special' so they get a 'special' tax. The tax itself is so small that it wouldn't even be noticed by most.