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How is Karen these days? Is she still Relapsing-Remitting? Tecfidera and D3 is working really well for me. I seem to be in remission, with no new symptoms at all.

Mizz Karen ain't been RR for eighteen years...she was on the tail end of the RR when we first got together.
She was on all the miracle drugs at one point or another, or a bunch of them. But it turns out it was too late, the damage had been done and she was well on the way to Primary Progressive, which is where she is at now, albeit sort of "plateau" territory.

It's no longer her MS symptoms aside from spasms and paralysis, it's her bum kidney, her wrecked bladder, her brittle paralytic leg bones, roughly in that order.

We spend most of our time and energy dealing with her kidney issues more than anything else. It is a constant battle to keep her plumbing infection free and her kidney stone free.

The MS is an echo, she can't walk or stand and hasn't done so in years, that is about the extent of it. She is pretty much medication free except for her tiny dose of Zoloft, and an Amantidine pill every day to give her some pep and mental clarity.
Cannabis for the spasticity.

The big bummer is, her leg bones are prone to fractures and this time around she got something she had never gotten in the whole twenty years we have been together, a PRESSURE SORE right on her ischeal region (where the pelvis meets the seating area by the femur head) and she is at Stage 4 and awaiting surgery.
She's been trapped in bed for a month and is going stir crazy, and post surgery means another month in the VA hospital.

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