the problem for Democrats are the Democratic Purists. I read where one of them attacked Beto for something he said when he was 15! They don't seem to be able to help themselves and, apparently, are insisting that any and all Democratic candidates conform to their ideas of Democratic purity or be kicked to the sidelines. What I find even more interesting is that they are actually getting away with it!

This, I think, is not a good thing and them even kinda in charge should call out this kind of silly. I helps nothing, just encourages screwing it all up. We are dealing with one stark fact - its "us against them". The Republicans understand this one and, apparently, walk in lockstep and speak up at every opportunity. The Left/Democrats, of course, are above all of that. I recently heard, for instance, that Dems refuse to speak on Fox News even though they have been invited. The Republicans have no such going on and speak their poison anyplace they can. This kind of behavior is simply crazy. If you have a message, and get to tell it to the unbelievers, one would think they would be standing in line. The fact seems to be they are not even vaguely interested. Seems to me this means too much heat to bear so they just stay out of the 'kitchen'. (this is one I heard on Bill Mayher)