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"If" Corey is on the downlow - it's very hard for black Americans to come out because being gay is not accepted in the black culture. Hmm

The Hell it ain't!! It's not accepted in the black CHURCH culture, or in conservative black culture, but elsewhere? OMG yeah it is.

After you take out those two populations - who is left? Hmm , coffee

Everyone else! Put it this way, the black church community detests gay black men, but they cannot live without their choir directors, almost all of which are gay black men.

I'm going to ask my best friend Rev. Patrick, who happens to be a black gay choir director (among his many legendary musical accomplishments) if Corey is on the downlow.
Not that I don't trust you, but Patrick is famous enough that it wouldn't surprise me if he's met Corey Booker.

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