It's not accepted in the black CHURCH culture, or in conservative black culture, but elsewhere? OMG yeah it is.

The only "elsewhere" that we have any right to speak of is white culture, and yeah, white culture accepts black queers about as well as we accept white ones. Whether the black ones are queer or not doesn't much matter because they're black anyway.

I know that's harsh, but let me remind you that our current president was elected because of his racism and bigotry, not in spite of it.

And for christ's sake, gay people have only recently even been allowed to marry! Like they were gonna breed and take over the world or something. The simple act of buying a cake for the ceremony turned into a years long court case.

Maybe the black community is divided like we are into two partisan groups? Churchies and no-churchies, racist and not racist, democrat and republican, gay tolerant and non gay tolerant. But there's not a white man alive that could possibly make a call on that.

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