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1. NW_P, what can we expect from Mueller's report?
Depends on how much gets released. I think it is important to go back to the letter that made the appointment, and remember two things: First, it was initially a counterintelligence investigation, and prosecutions were only an ancillary activity.

I suspect that there will be three parts to the report: a) a summary of findings regarding interference; b) indictment and declination decision summaries (which we may never see); and c) ancillary discoveries and evidence. This may be the most important part of the document, and again, may never see the light of day.

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2. "No new indictments" means exactly that. What about the already present ones that have never been unsealed, what happens to those?
Indictments are indictments. There are many reasons they may remain sealed (e.g., Defendant is not amenable to arrest - abroad, or in the presidency). Also, remember that means no more Meuller indictments. His primary remit was to investigate interference. Many things were sent to other Justice offices and may be continued investigations and indictments. Some of the SC prosecutors are taking their cases with them to their new assignments.

3. How much of the dirty stuff do you think will could shift-over to State courts where no Federal pardon can be given? My gut feeling is that the Mueller Report will be a roadmap for future Prosecutors as Mueller has already done the groundwork.

I think a lot has already been shifted. It will be a roadmap only to the extent that it is made available.