What is happening is, exactly, the way it should be. Mueller has, basically, turned it all over to congress which, according to the constitution, is the body in charge of removing a president. This is done by doing an impeachment and then turning that over to the senate to convict. Impeachment is the case for conviction and the senate is for the judgment. In Clinton's case, for instance, he was impeached but the senate could not convict so he continued to serve. The current Democratic house currently has EVERY committee investigating. I believe that Mueller sent Cohen out to point the way and, now, they will also have the Mueller investigation for what he has discovered in the last 1.5 years. The trick, I suspect, is to control the enthusiasm for impeachment until they have all the facts and enough of those that even the sitting Republicans can no longer support Jackass and get re-elected.

We will, of course and in the fullness of time, see how it all resolves itself. The hard part will be reading and watching rampant speculation, bogus claims, lunatic claims, Democratic over enthusiasm, and a lot of bad behavior on both sides. If we all thought that the runup to the Mueller Investigation of tough just wait!

My own thought is that this stuff is going to be stretched out to 2020. Just about 4 months before the election the Dems will start to impeach (timing is EVERYTHING!) By that time I would expect the Dems to have enough so that Jackass will be lucky to not go from the presidency to prison (I know, extreme) I also suspect the children of the Jackass will get theirs as well.

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