There is an awful lot of pro quo, for there not to be some quid. Trump is not going out of his way to do everything he can for Putin without something to start that process. You really think he just woke up one day and said to himself, "I think I'll volunteer to be Putin's butt-boy just out of the goodness of my heart"?

Started right from the campaign when the RNC took their Russia sanction language out of their platform at the Trump teams urging. All these pro-Russia acts can't just be because he was duped.

Of course, the same thing is going on in England: Putin wants to diminish the wealth and power of the EU, so his trolls use social media to stir up anti-immigrant hatred enough to get the Brexit vote. You actually talk to pro-Brexit voters and they mainly complain about Indian and Pakistani immigrants who came it years ago under Commonwealth rules. Not Polish construction workers they hired to build an addition.