There is, obviously, more to come. The collusion thing is kinda interesting. Basically the collusion thing seems to be a Republican thing more than anybody else's as they have been the ones mentioning it, over, and over, and over again. Eventually we will get the reasons why there were no charges, we just get to wait a bit longer. What was not mentioned was the possibly traitorous behavior of our dear leader, the lies of his children (they CAN be indicted), his dealings with the Russians, including debt, how wealthy he really is and any bailouts he might have experienced since becoming president, etc. Remember too that the house has virtually every committee, with subpoena power, working on this one. Pretty soon they will all have access to most of what Mueller did and probably a more detailed map of the roads to travel.

I know, we all hoped for the Mueller report to clear everything up, charge all bad guys, etc. Not gonna happen. We are now in round two - the House, and Fed, investigations. The Republicans, incidentally, are going to whine loudly about all the expense. Hopefully somebody will point out that they spent 100 million on getting Hillary, to no avail.

Remember too, Jackass has already almost presented his new budget, part of which wants to take 378 billion out of medicare in one fell swoop. This is not going to fly and the Dems and Republicans with the slightest backbones are going to have to collude to write a budget that they can agree on enough so that gov is not shutdown for the foreseeable future.